Now is the Wifi of our Discontent?

It's a phrase that popped into my head the other day, my brain conjuring up the reworked version of the opening lines of Shakespeare's Richard III, "Now is the winter of our discontent..."

I was reflecting on the way that the saturation of our lives with wifi connectivity brings consumerism into our homes in a variety of direct and indirect ways - and, by extension, can also bring the discontent that often attends consumerism. 

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Empathy - The Social Superpower

In October of 1962, the world stood on the brink. The unfolding events of the Cuban missile crisis seemed to be driving the world unstoppably towards unthinkable ends. Yet a peaceful resolution was found, and disaster averted.


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One Crucial Component of Leading Yourself Well

We can only be deliberate about the way we live to the extent that we are deliberate about the way we lead ourselves - including the way we manage our emotions.

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How Assuming I'm Selfish Helped My Relationships

A lot of things that don't matter get said on twitter. A while back, though, I read something that changed my relationships for the better.


The Idea

Tim Keller leads a church of over 5,000 people in New York City, a place with its fair share of egos, and perhaps not a culture that screams selflessness. In mid-2014, he tweeted the following, which was then retweeted more than 1000 times! Clearly, there was something that resonated in these words:

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A Deliberate Christmas

Christmas is one of those funny things, isn't it? It holds so much promise and idealism for focusing on what really matters, and yet it can so easily become a catalyst for becoming anxious over things that don't.

So how can we be deliberate about what prioritising the genuinely valuable over the simply costly this Christmas season?

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