Do you have a Reboot List?

Sometimes life knocks us around a bit. When that happens, often the life-giving routines and disciplines that normally feature in our days and weeks get a bit off-track, and we can look around one day and realise – we need a bit of a reboot.

reboot list

Enter – the Reboot List.

My reboot list comes out when I realise that things just feel a bit off, and I need to reorient around some key points of reference – around the things that I know set me up for the best kind of week, and life.

Here’s what’s on my reboot list:

This is Your Body on Chairs

Increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes. Lower metabolism rate. Higher rates of hospitalisation. Lower life expectancy.

Lower life expectancy.

These weren’t the effects of an activity traditionally associated with risk-taking. These were the results, I was increasingly starting to read, of excessive sitting. ‘Excessive’ meaning, basically, what pretty much anyone who works at a computer does.

So when I headed back to work after summer vacation a couple of years back, I set myself up a makeshift standing desk as an experiment. To my surprise, I haven’t looked back.