What Season Is It?

This year, I’ve been learning a valuable lesson about the power of defining the seasons I am moving through.

At the start of the year, I completed a great digital planner by Alison Hill to map out my year. I’ve already written about choosing my ‘One Word’ for the year through that process. What it also helped me do, though, was map out my own stages, or seasons, for the year. This has been incredibly powerful! Let me tell you why –

The Power of One (Word)

Friends had been telling me how great it was for years. They would choose one word at the beginning of each year, which would serve as a kind of guide and focus for their efforts and journey throughout that coming year. It would remind them where they wanted to focus their energies when the rumble and fog of life made it easy to forget. I thought it was a good idea, but I hadn’t quite made it to the point of sitting down and going through the process of discerning a word I would truly take seriously for myself.

Until this year, that is.

Though I was slow to the ‘one word for the year’ concept, having now decided to implement it, I can see why it is so powerful.

How to conduct a great mid-year review (on yourself!)

For lots of companies, the end of financial year is also the time for mid-year reviews. Perhaps you’ve just completed one for your role or your team. But have you conducted one on your own life?

We’re now halfway through the year, and it’s a great time to look back to what you wanted to achieve this year, and forward to how you can head towards the best possible December 31st!

Welcome to A Deliberate Life!

It was 3am in the mountains of Brazil when the idea for ‘A Deliberate Life’ dropped into my brain, practically fully formed.

As I grabbed a pen and started scribbling down notes for what is now this site, I realised that this wasn’t some kind of jetlagged craziness – this was the concept I had been looking for!

I’m genuinely excited about ‘A Deliberate Life’, and I truly hope that what is shared through this site gets you excited about creating the life you want to live too. It is designed to be for you – a place for to find inspiration, ideas and practical tools for living deliberately with your head, hands and heart.

May you live the life you imagine!


Sarah Starrenburg